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Prefabricated Shallow Flow Control Chambers

Controflow Flow Control Chambers are specifically designed to manage surface water discharge from shallow SuDS elements including permeable pavements, swales and basins. They meet the latest requirements for accessible, small orifice flow controls to manage greenfield runoff rates, at modest cost. Based on established engineering principles, they demonstrate straightforward compliance to local authorities as part of the SuDS design approval process.

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Key Benefits

Designed for SuDS

  • Developed by experienced SuDS designers with practicality in mind

  • Tested in situ for over a decade

  • Satisfies National Standards as well as the SuDS Manual 2015

  • Simple installation

  • Minimal maintenance over the long term

  • Standard stock items, universal formats for flexible specification or bespoke designs available

Consistent Performance

  • Low-cost flow control devices for use throughout management trains

  • Performance easily verified by local authorities

  • Straightforward specification using established criteria

  • Passive operation with consistent

  • Made to order using recyclable materials

Easy to Install

  • Easy access for inspection, measurement or sampling

  • Integral lifting points as standard

  • Depths to suit project-specific requirements

  • Supplied with integral spigot connections

  • Made from High-density Polyethylene (HDPE)

  • No concrete surround required


Controflow Flow Control Chambers Brochure

Download the latest Controflow brochure here

controflow flow control chambers
controflow flow control chambers

Product Information

Flow Control Chamber

A standard, shallow flow control chamber with an un-guarded single orifice (to specified diameter), designed to manage outflows from permeable paving or other open graded sub-base construction. Its small size and low cost make it ideal for check dams between permeable paving compartments. This product does not incorporate an internal overflow.


Flow Control Chamber

A small flow control chamber with a 110mm diameter inlet and protected orifice located at the base of a removable flow control tube. The flow control tube allows access to a deeper chamber where pipe inlet depth is obstructed by other construction factors like kerb haunching or existing pipe work. The removable flow control tube is perforated to protect the orifice in the base of the tube.


Flow Control Chamber

A flexible, universal flow control chamber suitable for any SuDS technique, with level inverts. The slide-out centre plate contains a circular orifice (to specified diameter), protected by an upstream guard, and acts as an overflow weir. 3 x 160mm diameter inlet pipe connection stubs offer layout flexibility. Suitable for depths ranging from 537mm to 1.2m (finished cover to base).


SUDS02008 Flow Control Chamber

A standard flow control chamber with a single, guarded orifice (to specified diameter), designed to manage outflows from permeable paving or other open graded sub-base construction. Stepped inverts simplify the transition from shallow permeable paving to deeper constructions. The protective guard and orifice cap are removable, and the rodding access upstand can act as an overflow.


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